Third Rail Eps 41: Human Trafficking: Are Black Girls Safe in Brooklyn?

An estimated 2,200 children are victimized by commercial sexual exploitation annually. Mark and Veralyn delve inside this world and explore the impact of human trafficking on the lives of Black girls in Central Brooklyn and what it means for local “public safety.” On hand are Shelley J. Klein, Esq, Chief Communications and Development Officer for Girls Educational and Mentoring Services (GEMS) and Aiesha Turman, founder of The Black Girl Project. Segment One: Who is targeted by commercial sexual exploitation? The Third Rail crew explore the dimensions of the sexual exploitation trade globally, nationally and locally. Who is targeted by commercial sexual exploitation? Are low- and moderate girls of color particularly vulnerable? What social forces allow this human trafficking to continue? How does this affect the displacement of Black people in Central Brooklyn? Segment Two: How can Black girls heal? Mark and Veralyn examine what a community self defense strategy looks like in the context of human trafficking. How can Black girls be protected and recovered? How can they heal? Visit Polaris Project for tools and help with human trafficking and exploitation: Segment Three: "Tell 'Em Why You Mad" Veralyn, Aiesha, and Shelly take on: Dave Chapelle, White supremacy in the education system, and contend with Donald J. Trump. Intro and Outro theme Music: “City Survival” by MC K-Swift featuring TreZure Empire. Episode Music: "Brick Wall", "Once in A While", "A Fine Day" by  Simon Panrucker.

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