The Organization

Brooklyn Deep is a digital journalism platform produced by people who have a personal stake in the future of Central Brooklyn. Trained journalists and untrained residents alike tell their stories and publish investigative news, analysis, and data that chronicle neighborhood change in Central Brooklyn and bring transparency to the exercise of institutional power.

Our Vision

Think Pro Publica meets a neighborhood Patch. New York and Central Brooklyn have no shortage of news outlets, blogs and social media broadcasters. However, there is no news outlet based in Central Brooklyn dedicated to investigative reporting and in-depth story telling. An informed people are a powerful people. At a moment when residents of Bedford-Stuyvesant and Crown Heights feel vulnerable in the face of changing demographics, rising housing costs, and cultural shifts, Brooklyn Deep seeks to pull back the curtain on the policies and practices that drive gentrification. We ask more questions than we can possibly answer, but in doing so, make Central Brooklynites experts in revealing their own truth.


Brooklyn Deep would like to acknowledge the New York Community Trust, without whose generous support, Brooklyn Deep would not have been possible.

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