Third Rail Eps 40: Toward a Black and Muslim Future

Mark and Veralyn discuss the intersections of Black and Muslim identity and the possibilities for Non-Muslim Black and Non-Black Muslim solidarity. Segment One: On Being Black & Muslim. The Third Rail crew explore the multi-layered relationship between Islam and Black American identity. In studio guest: Naima Muhammad, aka "Queen" of the podcast Tea with Queen and J. Segment Two: Intersectional Solidarity. Mark and Veralyn discuss what it would take to achieve deep and meaningful solidarity between Black folks and non-Black muslim immigrants. Field Interview Guest: Aber Kawas, the Youth Lead Organizer of the Arab American Association of New York. Segment Three: Tell 'Em Why You're Mad. Mark, Veralyn, and Queen go through a topical range of emotions starting with Trans representation, Rachel Dolezal, & Van Jones/Donald Trump. Intro and Outro theme Music: “City Survival” by MC K-Swift featuring TreZure Empire. Brooklyn Bridge", "Cruise The World", & "Home Sweet Home" by Willbe.

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2 comments on “Third Rail Eps 40: Toward a Black and Muslim Future

  1. I know firsthand that this can be a huge issue and not only cause problems socially but also within a family and sad enough, break them apart =(.

    Thanks for the audio/podcast – I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be sharing.

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