Third Rail Eps 47: The Book of Veralyn

It’s with both sadness and excitement that we announce the departure of long-time Third Rail co-host Veralyn Williams. This will be her last show as co-host. Sadness, because Veralyn’s been a central member of the BMC/Brooklyn Deep family for almost 5 years and excitement because we know that Veralyn is going to be tearing it up in the journalism and podcast world Segment One: In this special episode, Mark interviews Veralyn about life before, during, and after Third Rail. Segment Two: We give Veralyn a chance to look back at past Third Rail episodes and explore the themes of some of her favorite guests, topics and interactions. Segment Three: "Tell 'Em Why You Mad" Intro and Outro theme Music: “City Survival” by MC K-Swift featuring TreZure Empire. Show music: "Scorch" by Nctrnm

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