Third Rail Eps 4: Gentrification in Central Brooklyn


Mychal Denzel Smith, Writer, Knobler Fellow at The Nation Institute
Marlon Peterson, Writer, Director of Community Relations, Fortune Society


  1. Cycle of Gentrification: A recent Spike Lee rant has once again shaped the discussion around gentrification as the displacement (or replacement) of low income people of color with white, middle to upper income residents. But what role have Spike and other people of color played in the cycle of gentrification in Central Brooklyn?

Media: “The gentrification of Spike Lee” by Errol Louis

2. Traumatized People, Traumatize People: What is the price of gentrification? We always complain about high rents and overpriced restaurants, but what are the mental and emotional costs to long-term residents?

Media: “Coming from where I’m from- Gun Violence, Prison, Trauma… and Gentrification” by Marlon Peterson

3. “Tell em why you mad” Roundup


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