Third Rail Eps 14: Revolutionary Birth

In "Revolutionary Birth" we discuss motherhood and womanhood in movement spaces with two mothers living in Central Brooklyn. And we share books that have shaped us politically.


Rae Gomes, Mother, Writer, & Activist Shatia Strother, Community Organizer, FUREE


1. Motherhood, Womanhood & Movements: For women, deciding to be an activist means fighting a struggle for women's voices to be heard. Sometimes it means deciding to raise children in social justice communities. Sometimes it means being a mentor and surrogate mother to young people in the movement. Often times, it means all of the above. But how does this reality play out for women in Central Brooklyn today? 2. Books That Changed Me: You can't look at the world the same way again after reading some books. We discuss a few of the books that have impacted us, and shaped us politically? 3. "Tell em why you mad" Roundup

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