Third Rail Eps 35: Best of “Brooklyn Summers”

It’s Labor Day weekend– the beginning, of the end of Summer– so this month we’re giving you a “Best of Brooklyn Summers” episode. We flash back first to episode 10 when we asked, what makes Brooklyn Summers so special? And then we go to Episode 9 when we asked, is street harassment invisible to men?

Flashback One: Open Hydrants & Double-Dutch: There’s something about June, July and August in Brooklyn that evokes freedom, youth, and tons of gatherings of Black & brown folk. We’ll try to pinpoint that “je ne sais quoi” about Brooklyn summers that makes them so darn good. Guests: BMC Board Members James Subudhi & Britney Whaley

Flashback Two: Is street harassment invisible to men?: The conversations we have with most men about street harassment involve a lot of shock, confusion and disbelief. The ones we have with people who experience harassment are full of camaraderie and the relief of finally being understood. What is the disconnect? Do men even see street harassment going down in Central Brooklyn?

Media: USA: Silent Allies by Joe Samalin

Guest: Aaron Freeman, Co-Host / Engineer of TWIB Radio & We Nerd Hard

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