Third Rail Eps 10: Brooklyn Summer

In "Brooklyn Summer" we dive into the 2014 races here in Central Brooklyn and discuss ways to keep elected officials accountable. And we try to pinpoint what exactly makes Brooklyn summers as legendary as they are.


James Subudhi, BMC Board Member, Neighborhood Activist Britney Whaley, Political Organizer, Working Families PartyCenter


1. 2014 Races & Elected Accountability: It's summer! Which means free concerts, trips to Coney Island and... campaign season! What are the big races we should be paying attention to in Central Brooklyn? And how can we hold elected officials accountable after they get into office? / Media: Jockeying to Fill Open Legislative Seats Beginning in Brooklyn 2. Open Hydrants & Double-Dutch: There's something about June, July and August in Brooklyn that evokes freedom, youth, and tons of gatherings of Black & brown folk. We'll try to pinpoint that "je ne sais quoi" about Brooklyn summers that makes them so darn good. 3. "Tell em why you mad" Roundup

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