Third Rail Eps 46.5: Weeksville Heritage Center: One on One

In the second part of Brooklyn Deep’s exploration of historic Weeksville, Mark Winston Griffith sits down one-on-one with Rob Fields, the new President and Executive Director of the Weeksville Heritage Center. As a caretaker of Central Brooklyn’s past and a cultivator of its cultural present and future, Rob discusses the role of Weeksville Heritage Center in keeping Black Brooklyn resilient in the face of relentless gentrification. Followed by a "Tell 'Em Why You Mad" moment from our very own, Veralyn Williams. LINKS: Music heard in this episode was found via The Lost Jazz Shrines of Weeksville project and include clips from:
  • Horace Silver Quintet: "Cookin at The Continental"
Intro and Outro theme Music: “City Survival” by MC K-Swift featuring TreZure Empire.

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