Third Rail Eps 24: Summer Remix

This is the remix! To mark the end of Brooklyn Summer, Third Rail is shaking up things with an extra segment this month. Familiar voices join us to share summers that changed us politically. Then we switch gears and discuss how we manage love in the movement. And finally we collectively put together our Top 5 signs we're living in "new Brooklyn." #BKDTR: “White boys doing West Indian things and doing them well.” -@rae_gomes #Top5 #NewBrooklyn via @BklynDeep Click To Tweet


Mark Winston Griffith, Brooklyn Movement Center Rae Gomes, Central Brooklyn Food Coop


Third Rail Remix pic1. Summers that move you Some seasons are meant to be forgotten and others, simply put, are life-changing. We share summers that changed us politically. 2. Love in the Movement When you're a politically conscious and activist Brooklynite, the lines between the personal and the professional can blur and make for lots of sticky dating situations. How do you manage time, political views, break-ups and even meeting people while trying to change the world? 3. Top 5 signs we're living in “new Brooklyn” Between the changing demographics, rising housing costs, and everyday cultural shifts, there are many signs that Central Brooklyn is rapidly gentrifying all around us. As Central Brooklynites, we share our top five. 4. "Tell em why you mad"

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