Third Rail Eps 20: Crown Heights Fight

On "Crown Heights Fight" we report on the state of tenant organizing in Central Brooklyn and how tenants are reacting to rising rents. We then put to the test the notion that Bed-Stuy gets more political and media love than Crown Heights.


zakia henderson-brown, Board Member, Brooklyn Movement Center Joel Feingold, Member, Crown Heights Tenants Union


CrownHeights1. How are tenants fighting gentrification in Central Brooklyn? We talk a LOT about gentrification on this show. In Central Brooklyn, it feels like an overwhelming force that touches every aspect of life. Ultimately, though, gentrification boils down to the struggle around tenant displacement and rent overages. So, beyond talking about it, what are tenants doing on the housing front to stop gentrification? 2. Is Crown Heights Bed-Stuy's stepchild? Crown Heights and Bedford-Stuyvesant are both vibrant, internationally known neighborhoods in their own right. We're exploring what it means for a neighborhood to be popular and we're trying to figure out -- is Bed-Stuy more popular than Crown Heights or is it the other way around? 3. "Tell em why you mad"

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