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Welcome to Brooklyn Deep, an independent project of the Brooklyn Movement Center. Brooklyn Deep is a digital journalism platform produced by people who have a personal stake in the future of Central Brooklyn. Trained journalists and untrained residents alike publish investigative news, analysis, and data that chronicle neighborhood change in Central Brooklyn and bring transparency to the exercise of institutional power. To summarize, Brooklyn Deep, is an on-line platform for:
  • Investigative news: Monthly features that explore the inner workings of gentrification and neighborhood change. These features will cover the range of multi-media, including text, video, still photography and audio.
  • Citizen journalism: Monthly produced pieces we're calling “First Person.” First Person will feature Central Brooklyn community members who will follow an assigned thread of inquiry and attempt to answer it through a first person narrative. Brooklyn Deep staff will provide an orientation and training that will prepare them to conduct their reporting.
  • Story telling and analysis: The podcast “Third Rail” is produced once a month. It uses a two-on-two interview format to explore social justice issues affecting Central Brooklynites.
  • Data Research and Reporting: Periodically Brooklyn Deep will publish data that represents a quantitative snapshot of a practice within Central Brooklyn institutions such as elected officials or local schools.
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