Third Rail Eps 3: Health and Care when Community Organizing

Guests Deesha Narichania, Director of Programs, Girls for Gender Equity Matt Birkhold, Executive Director, Brecht Forum Segments 1. What is your self-care policy? Inspiration: “How About “An End to the Activist Martyr Complex?” by Spectra Speaks 2. Holding Space for Healthy Communities Inspiration: The Brecht Forum hosted a panel called, “What do we mean when […]

Third Rail Eps 2: Media Messages, Dunn Trail, and Living Uninterrupted

Guests Djibril Toure, Malcolm X Grassroots Movement Monifa Bandele, Malcolm X Grassroots Movement & BMC Board Member Segments 1. Where do we get our messages about identity? Inspiration: Documentary “MissRepresentation” 2.What were you doing at 19? Inspiration: “Black Boy Interrupted” by Ta-Nehisi Coates 3. “Tell em why you mad” Roundup

Third Rail Eps 1: The politics of political organizing

Guest Mark Winston Griffith, BMC’s Executive Director Segments 1. The Social Justice Outrage Machine: Are we over it? Inspiration: “Are You Tired of the Social Justice Outrage Machine?” by Rob the Idealist 2. The Local Scene: What does it mean to be invested in community organizing and politics? Inspiration: “The Art of Losing an Election” […]

Third Rail Eps 4: Gentrification in Central Brooklyn

Guests Mychal Denzel Smith, Writer, Knobler Fellow at The Nation InstituteMarlon Peterson, Writer, Director of Community Relations, Fortune Society Segments 1.Cycle of Gentrification: A recent Spike Lee rant has once again shaped the discussion around gentrification as the displacement (or replacement) of low income people of color with white, middle to upper income residents. But what […]